CT Race Worx Can Am Maverick Race Series Tie Rods

CT Race Worx

CT Race Worx Can Am Maverick Race Series Tie Rods

Sale price$210.00 USD

These tie rods bring the beef, they feature 1.125" solid billet 6061 aluminum rod with wrench flats.

We use only the best joints on the market which are JMX series FK 5/8 rod end. These joints use a fabric based teflon liner known as a PTFE liner. The inner joint housing is compressed to create a preload on the ball that will stay tight roughly 3 times longer than a standard injected teflon rod end, which is standard in the industry.

The length is cut to have maximum thread engagement on the rod end while still keeping full adjustment.

Threads onto factory inner tie rod.

Our misalignment spacers are 303 stainless steel so corrosion isn't an issue.

These are not random spacers taken off the shelf that's made to work on the Maverick.  Our joint spacers feature some changes in the factory steering geometry to take away some of the bump steer that the Maverick has.

This does require drilling the spindle from 12mm to 1/2" which is a very minimal drill and a tab to be welded (preferably TIG with 308 filler) on the top of the spindle to put the bolt in double sheer.  Includes a fine thread grade 8 bolt, nut, washers and weld tab for each side.

Sold in pairs