Metal Head Lowrance Adapter Mounting System
Metal Head Lowrance Adapter Mounting System
Metal Head Lowrance Adapter Mounting System

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Metal Head Lowrance Adapter Mounting System

Sale price$25.00 USD

Lowrance GPS units are some of the more sought after navigation platforms in the offroad world powering desert racers through some of the toughest terrain with pinpoint reliability! This adapter plate and hardware will make mounting your Lowrance a breeze to install onto all of our mounting systems. The supplied locking nut will enable you to adjust the amount of tension you'd like so you can swivel the GPS to get the position you'd like to see, while not moving during a hard ride! 

Tools required for install:

Power Drill

3/8" drill bit

7/8" step bit/unibit

10mm and 9/16" socket and ratchet

metric allen wrench set 

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: bolt our plate onto your Lowrance Gimbal mount, then using our adapter plate as a guide, use your 3/8" drill bit to drill through the Gimbal mount through the center hole in our adapter plate.

Step 2: Unbolt our adapter plate and open the 3/8" hole you drilled into the gimbal mount up to 13/16 or 7/8" to make enough room to use a socket to tighten down the locking nut.

Step 3: Lastly, bolt your adapter plate back on, put the supplied rubber washer between our adapter plate and the pivot rod, and the stainless flat washer on the top of the adapter plate. Install the locking nut and set the desired amount of tension you'd like.

Step 4: Frickin SEND IT