NRP 2" FOX Shock Reservoir HV End Caps (Pair)


NRP 2" FOX Shock Reservoir HV End Caps (Pair)

Sale price$85.00 USD

High Volume End Caps for 2″ Gen 2 Nitrogen FOX Shock reservoirs common in the RZR and other UTVs.

Fix leaking end caps on the stock FOX Shock!

Includes a standard Schrader valve under a protective cap for filling and adjusting your nitrogen pressure. Even the protective cap is sealed with an o-ring. Long Schrader valve in recessed hole is fully accessible with no-loss nitrogen chucks.

  • When replacing end caps make sure you wear eye protection and clean EVERYTHING! All surfaces must be completely free from dirt and debris.
  • Reservoirs are under high pressure!

Price Includes one pair