Assault Industries Universal 3" 5-Point UTV Harness
Assault Industries Universal 3" 5-Point UTV Harness

Assault Industries

Assault Industries Universal 3" 5-Point UTV Harness

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The Assault Industries H-Style 5 point UTV racing harness is made to last! Constructed from ultra high quality materials, this rugged seat belt system holds you firmly in place over the bumpy stuff! The "EZ Adjusters" allow for quick shoulder strap adjustments, while soft padding on the inside of the straps ensure a high level of comfort. All black hardware is stealthy and stylish for added cool-factor!

The 5 point harness features a removable sternum strap and a red latch guard on the lap belt. The lap and belts bolt directly to the chassis. The shoulder harness and crotch strap can either bolt down or wrap around a roll bar. The Removable shoulder strap guards come in red, blue, black, yellow or green to color match with your UTV!

Package Contents

(1) 5 point harness

Disclaimer: This product is not DOT Approved and is not recommended for street use!

To ensure you have the best possible ownership experience with this product, please read below.

Proper installation and regular use of your restraint system is critical to your safety in the event of an accident and will reduce risk of serious injury or death.

  • Follow vehicle manufacturers, and Assault Industries instructions and safety guidelines during the installation process and use of this product.
  • Use all belts provided. Secure lap belt first - low and snug across the hips. Clip the chest straps together and adjust as needed - the coupling should be a minimum of 4‚Äù below the neck line.
  • Adjust all straps per instructions and confirm proper fitment for driver and passenger. Harnesses, when used properly should provide safe clearance from steering wheel, dash, roll cage, etc. The driver should be able to reach and hold the steering with elbows slightly bent.
  • Inspect all components of the harness restraint system regularly and replace in the event of an accident or if it is noted that there is any kind of wear, fraying or abrasion. Harnesses should be replaced every 2 years from date on the tag or from the date of purchase. Exposure to sun, water and temperature variances can affect the integrity of the weave and thread used to assemble the harnesses.
  • Assault Industries harnesses are intended for off-road use only and are not a replacement for FMVSS 209 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 209 - Automotive Seat Belt Assemblies)Do not use with child car seats or boosters.


  • Fits most UTV's
  • Rugged Military grade construction
  • Heavy duty black hardware
  • EZ Adjusters
  • Padded for added comfort
  • Removable colored straps for easy washing
  • Available in multiple colors