EPI Honda Pioneer (2014) Rear Wheel Bearing Kit


EPI Honda Pioneer (2014) Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

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  • All the bearings and seals required to refit a wheel in on convenient package
  • Premium high - speed bearings feature low drag, double lip seals on both sides to provide superior exclusion of water and dirt and improve grease retention
  • High performance grease features special rust inhibitors for the most demanding applications
  • Wheel seals are specifically designed to keep out water and dirt. The rubber coated outside diameter creates an optimum seal at the hub
  • Complete line of wheel bearings and seals with excellent inventory to ship your order fast
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Honda - Rear

  • 500 Pioneer SXS500M 2015
  • 700 Pioneer SXS700M2 2014
  • 700-4 Pioneer SXS700M4 2014